Why Invest in Cannary?

Cannary Packaging Inc. provides the picks and shovels for the green rush by providing premier vape products, branding and custom packaging for emerging leaders in the cannabis industry. Cannary serves all verticals for the market through both retail and wholesale channels. Cannary went live with its online sales platform in October 2018, and has a strong growing customer base. Current sales of both retail and wholesale verticals are driving the company’s continued profitability.

Where We’re At


Cannary is experiencing strong revenue growth, and is establishing industry leading margins. The Company achieved $4 Million USD revenue in its first calendar year of operations. Management  has been identifying new and unexplored potentials in all areas of the global cannabis marketplace. The Company has identified significant opportunities in the North American cannabis vape hardware and custom packaging industry. The Company is the exclusive Distribution Agent for Verified® Vapes, a premier vape hardware product line.

According to internal financial projections, the Company is anticipating a rapid growth curve and expects positive revenue of $10 Million USD in 2020, with significant room for growth in the coming years.

Terms of the Deal

The terms of the private placement are based upon a Pre-Money Valuation of $4 Million USD and a Post-Money Valuation of $6 Million USD. This assumes a maximum offering of $2,000,000 USD (40,000,000 shares) at the unit price of USD $0.05 per share. The Company reserves the right to waive this maximum.

Cannary Packaging expects to have 60,107,834 million common voting shares, post-financing. The Company is exercising its prerogative with respect to the private issuer exemption, section 2.4 of NI 45-106. Cannary Packaging Inc. intends to apply the proceeds of the financing towards its North American expansion, purchasing bulk inventory, as well as general working capital.

The estimated breakdown of the Company’s funding activities can be seen below.

Issuer Cannary Packaging Inc. (the “Company”)
Address 2901 Gardena Ave, Signal Hill, CA 90755
Shares Issued The company is expected to have 60,107,834 common shares fully issued and outstanding.
Price $0.05 per share USD
Offering size Minimum offering $10,000 USD equal to 200,000 shares
Maximum offering $200,000 USD equal to 4 Million shares
May be waived by the Company at its sole discretion.
Closing date May 15, 2020
Valuation $4 Million USD Pre-money valuation
$6 Million USD Post-money valuation
Participation Synergistic investor participation welcomed.
Offering Procedure Investors must execute a Subscription Agreement, which will include a right of first refusal agreement in favor of the Company on any proposed transfers of Common Stock purchased in the offering.
Security Type Equity position in the Company, secured by goodwill, inventory, and any intellectual property that may be generated.
Dividends When, as and if declared by the Board, the Company has not paid dividends in the past and does not currently contemplate that it will pay dividends in the future.
Jurisdictions Incorporated and operating in the Province of British Columbia, the State of California, and the State of Wyoming.
Representatives Cannary Officers, Directors and authorized representatives
Exemptions The Company intends to use the private issuer exemption under s.2.4 of the NI 45-106.

Capitalization Table and Use of Funds

The company expects to invest over $2 Million USD to successfully execute the business plan. These funds will be used to accomplish strategic initiatives for 2020; to purchase bulk inventory, accumulate general working capital, fund expansion plans, including market penetration in  the North American cannabis markets at a time of considerable opportunity.

Currently, the Company has a $4 Million USD Pre-money valuation. This round of investment represents shares at $0.05 per share USD.

Cannary is poised to be an industry leader within a market is growing rapidly that  as the rise of cannabis legalization continues globally. With your help, we can move quickly and intently to solidify ourselves as early-movers.

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