Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard about the dangers posed by e-cigarettes and vaping. Forty-two people in the US have died and 2,000 have been injured in cases involving a severe respiratory ailment called EVALI, or “e-cigarette, or vaping, product use associated lung injury.”

People have been vaping for many years, but the deaths are new. The epidemic has been met with something varying between alarm and panic. The reaction is understandable. More than 40 million people around the world now vape, up from just seven million less than a decade ago.

A lack of certainty from the outset plagued the outbreak. The causes remained murky for much of the past year and have been difficult for experts to ascertain. Without clear-cut answers to what caused the lung injuries, myths and misconceptions about the potential dangers have gained traction as the number of confirmed cases of vaping-related lung illnesses continued to escalate.

As we enter 2020, here’s what’s known – isn’t vaping a nicotine thing?

Yes, people vape nicotine, but they also vape cannabis products. In fact, the overwhelming majority of vaping-related lung illnesses – including those reported on in medical journals – involve tetrahydrocannabinol, also known as THC. That’s the psychoactive ingredient in cannabis that makes you high. Cartridges containing vitamin E acetate, mostly sold on the black market, are thought to be the main culprit.

Here in Canada, the timed rollout of Cannabis 2.0 has protected consumers, to some degree, from the perceived health risks associated with vaping. But a Kelowna, BC-based company has taken the lead in helping vaping consumers stay safe.

In October 2019, Cannary Packaging Inc. entered into exclusive distribution agreement with Verified Vapes for large-scale distribution of their vaporizer products across North America. The distribution agreement with Verified Vapes builds on Cannary’s reputation as a respected leader in the cannabis vape and ancillary products industry.

And ‘verified’ is what consumers are looking for in the nascent vape space. The Company has dedicated itself to developing, manufacturing and distributing the safest, highest quality vaporizer products and vape pens available on the market.

Cannary CEO Michael Shenher explained:

“As a leader in the cannabis ancillary products space, we are proud to offer Verified Vapes in response to consumer demand for safe, reliable vape technology. We are excited about the coming regulatory changes as we introduce Verified vape hardware to market demand for high quality vape hardware.”

The Company says all Verified Vapes products exceed North America standards for heavy metals testing, assuring brands’ confidence in the products they provide to consumers. Verified Vapes vape cartridges feature anti-counterfeit measures, including; certificates of authenticity, and tamper proof stickers and seals.

Despite the negative news surrounding vaping, the most recent research shows that vaping is still much less bad for you than smoking. If you already smoke cigarettes, then switching completely to e-cigarettes will significantly improve your health. And the decision is still a personal one made by adults who have weighed the pros and cons of this delivery method.

Health Canada has posted a detailed online directory of what you need to know about vaping. It is available here.

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